Sydney Garage Floors FAQ


Can I buy only the products for a DIY Do it yourself job?

Yes, we can sell the products to you, but some specialised equipment is needed to achieve the best results during the preparation and application, and consequently to get the warranty. If you apply the epoxy system by yourself, we can’t provide warranty.


What does the warranty cover?

The most important think when it comes to epoxy flooring is both adhesion to the concrete and toughness to last for long time. Our warranty covers against full wearing (concrete exposed) and adhesion fail for 5 years. Scratches and fair wearing is not included.


What type of maintenance the floor will need after the Sydney Garage Floor is installed?

None, the system is designed to last for 10 to 20 years depending on the traffic or use, however you will find that it is so easy to clean by using a broom and mop that you will probably love to keep it clean at all times to enjoy its beauty.


Can you apply the Smart Solid or Deco Flaky floor in cold weather?

Yes, but not too cold, it is recommended to apply these epoxy systems at 10 C minimum and a maximum of 30 C for optimum results.


Why at Sydney Garage Floors we recommend Epoxy systems instead of Polyurethane coatings?

Epoxies unlike polyurethanes are able to cure at low humidity air conditions, also because the hardness achieved is so high that not even hot tyres in Sydney summer temperatures will mark or damage the finish.

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