Why Sydney Garage Floors?


1.- Value for money means, high performance flooring systems that endure for long time, we provide a 5 years warranty.
2.- Our high quality flooring system is about 5 times thicker and 10 times more durable than waterborne epoxies from competitors.
3.- Qualified technicians deliver professional installation of your floor.
4.- Diamond ground surface preparation allows for guaranteed adhesion, i.e. not even very hot tyres in Sydney’s summer will tear the finish of your garage floor.
5.- German technology and tough products proudly made in Australia will deliver long lasting service.
6.- We can install your Sydney Garage Floor on weekend days if you prefer.
7.- Epoxy smart solid floors or deco flaky floors are better solution than ceramic tiles, bare concrete, painted concrete, plastic tiles or carpets.
8.- We deliver to your residential application the same industrial grade systems engineered for heavy duty.
9.- The products installed on your floor are 100% solids, environmental friendly and odour free.


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